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Chemo Pissed Me Off

 A Breast Cancer Roadmap: Navigating with Faith, Gratitude, and a Little Bit of Attitude

Everything changed with three little words: You have cancer.
"My 51st year on earth didn't begin with a festive party celebrating the big 5-0, or that tropical vacation we'd planned. It began with chemo for cancer I no longer had in breast tissue they'd left behind."
Discover a path to healing and hope after a breast cancer diagnosis. Through relatable anecdotes, coping tricks, and personal reflection, author and two-time survivor, Carol Wyllie, offers invaluable insight, encouragement, and a few laughs for anyone going through cancer or any of life's challenges.

Have you just gone through a life altering moment, heard devastating news and you are not sure how you will overcome it? Been filled with fear thinking life will never be the same?

Carol Wyllie shares her personal story of battling cancer and thriving by changing her mindset and applying gratitude and faith into her healing when she thought hope was all but lost.

In this book you will learn:

•Traditional and non-traditional treatment
•Tips and tricks learned along the way
•Gratitude and faith in the darkness
•A new normal for life

If you are a cancer survivor or have had someone close to you been affected by the disease then this book gives you a hopeful outlook on how to weather the storm and come out a champion.

This humorous account not only gives you advice but also inspiration on how to turn any life changing moment into a hero's tale. Caroll Wyllie’s journey can be applied to any difficult situation as it is a teaching moment for the human spirit to take any challenge thrown at you and use it for the benefit of your own life.

Become healthier and happier after reading Chemo Pissed Me Offand start your roadmap to a life filled with faith, gratitude and a little bit of attitude.

Cherish everyday and apply the champion spirit to lead your happy, healthy and purposeful life. Seek opportunities from challenges…..

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